CIU111 Week 9 Indie Marketing Techniques

Week 9 – Indie Marketing Techniques

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In the creative industries marketing is very necessary to know about because trying to create a fan base/following and getting exposure is important to help generate a greater income for yourself. In this week’s CIU lecture the topic of this class’ content is “Indie Marketing Techniques

” and throughout it they explain multiple things to consider if you were to work on an indie project within your industry. A few topics that were discussed are differentiation, persuasion, credibility and also competitive variance. Learning about these topics helped me notice the importance of it when relating it to audio, music and future projects.

Throughout this lecture, differentiation, competitive variance, persuasion and credibility were some of multiple key topics in this week’s content. Exploring these two topics helped me understand what it is and why these topics are important and useful.

Differentiation and competitive discusses the importance of being unique because being really different and standing out can really help you gain a following or fan base. In this lecture, they share a video with us titled “Science Of Persuasion”. Throughout the video it tells us six “shortcuts” were mentioned and these shortcuts are explained heavily in this eleven-minute video. The six shortcuts were reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking and consensus, discussing these they teach you simple tips and show you really good outcomes from it.

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Across all creative industries these tips can be easily utilised and applied to your professional profile, which will help your career in the long-run.

After learning about these techniques in week 9’s lecture, I understood the basics of indie marketing and learnt a few new tips I definitely can apply to my future career. The topics discussed made the content very impactful to the lecture.

Overall, this lecture gave me a lot of knowledge on indie marketing techniques due to not knowing anything about it. The topics that were explored can be easily utilised and applied in relation to the audio industry. Knowing this type of content can help push your career, helping you to effectively market yourself to your desired audience.

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